Misfits of Mayfair Series

Any Rogue Will Do

Lady Charlotte Whitworth has a plan. To gain the estate promised by her father, she must wed instead of settling into life as a spinster. Her requirements for the perfect marriage of convenience are simple: separate lives, no emotional entanglements. A negligent husband shouldn’t be hard to find. After all, suitors have been in short supply since she debuted and became the laughingstock of London.

Witless, with nothing to offer but a dowry and a passably pretty face…” Everyone knows Lord Amesbury said it. After unexpectedly inheriting, his life became one bad decision after another. For the past five years, he’s stayed out of the gossip rags. Until her. The woman he once dubbed The Paper Doll Princess, dismantles his hard-won self-control with a single withering look.

Love is the one thing she doesn’t want. All he needs is redemption. But nothing in life or love goes according to plan.

West End Earl 6/29/21

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Calvin, Earl of Carlyle, is spending the season focused on finding his younger sister a good match. And if he’s noticing his land steward’s uncommon cheekbones and full lower lip? Well, that’s easy enough to ignore. The man is competent beyond measure. But when Cal discovers that “he” is a “she,” his interest turns to romance.
Ophelia Hardwick has spent the last decade living as a boy. As Adam, she doesn’t have to worry about being forced into an arranged marriage by her uncle. Pretending she doesn’t have a crush on Cal is a small price to pay for being able to hide in plain sight. But when he discovers her secret, he puts not just her heart–but her life–in danger. Because Phee’s uncle has been looking for her for ten years, and he won’t stop until he finds her.

All Rogues Lead to London 5/31/22

Emma, Calvin’s sister, finally gets her HEA.