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Bethany grew up in a small fishing village in Alaska where required learning included life-skills like cold-water survival, along with several other subjects that are utterly useless as a romance writer. Eventually settling in the Northwest with her real-life hero and two children, she enjoys mountain views from the comfort of her sofa, wearing a tremendous amount of flannel, and drinking more coffee than her doctor deems wise.


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“Welcome to my corner of the internet! If you’re here, you probably share my love of kissing books, humor, and strong heroines and the heroes who adore them. I hope you’ll keep in touch via my newsletter or social media. Thank you for reading”

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In [a] splendid Regency-set debut . . . Bennett turns a spotlight on the class distinctions and gender restrictions of 1819 England, with a formidable leading lady and a swoon-worthy hero with lower-class roots. Filled with gripping drama, strong characters, and steamy seduction, this tantalizing story is sure to win the hearts of Regency fans."

―Publishers Weekly (starred review)

I loved this so much, it was exciting to read and I never wanted to put it down! It was so entertaining and witty with the perfect mix of swoon-worthy and sexy mixed in! Ethan with his Scottish accent made me melt and Lottie was a force to be reckoned with. Any Rogue Will Do had a bit of everything I love in a story and I adored it all.

– About that Story

“Bennett’s spirited plot adds Shakespearean twists to the typical Regency fare, complete with humor, sensual love scenes, and pithy observations on gender roles and the social mores of the 1820s. Packed with disguises, debts, and debutantes, this delightful Regency does not disappoint.”

– Publishers Weekly (starred review)

This book is a GREAT start for debut author Bethany Bennett. Her writing is smooth, the story is well-plotted and well-delivered, and the characters (for the most part) are delightful and robust. I am so happy to have found Bethany Bennett and am looking forward to more books by her.

– Goodreads

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